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Pricing Policy

At Westcountry Business we conduct our business openly and honestly and a clear and simple pricing policy lies at the heart of this.

Remote Support:

We can do so much remotely these days that most issues can be resolved by a telephone call.  We user TeamViewer remote support software to connect to your PC (with your authority) and can then work as if we are there.

Remote support is calculated per call but totalled and invoiced monthly.  Time is rounded to the nearest 10 minutes and charged at £45 per hour plus VAT.

On Site Support:

Of course not everthing can be resolved remotely.  Installing a new PC, Server or other equipment, for example, can only be done on your premises.  On site support is charged at £56 per hour + vat. We do not charge for travel time for clients in the Torquay, Paignton, Newton Abbot area.

Our pricing promise:

You pay us for the time we spend working for you - never more but sometimes less!

Which means:

No profiteering on hardware - Our hardware prices are always competitive and quoted in advance. We aim to consistantly beat the high street (PC World / Staples) on price. We don't want any bariers to our clients picking up the phone & calling us. So no need to be checking first "can we get this cheaper down the road", just confidence that if you ask us to source it, you can rely on the price not only being fair, but cheaper than anything you can get locally.

No charge for travelling - Provided you are withing the Torquay, Paignton, Newton Abbot area we make no charge for travel, so you are only paying for us while we're there working for you. Outside that area we reserve the right to charge a minimum of 30 mins travel if the time on site is an hour or less, but this will always be agreed upfront.

No charge for 'Quick Calls' - We want to encourage our clients to talk to us, so we don't start charging as soon as we pick up the phone. If you have a problem we can resolve quickly or just want some advice then we won't charge for this. So, as those calls add up, that's free advice and free support! but then surely that's only what you'd expect from your long term IT partner.